History – The IntelliHost

I was cleaning out my file system and found an old product that we created in 1992 called the IntelliHost. This was the original restaurant seating management computer system that was originally installed in the San Francisco Hilton in San Francisco California. The brochure you see below was the original brochure that we published with the unit at that time. At that time personal computers were in existence but our company was in no condition to work with personal computers. The only technology that I was familiar with at the time was the technology of building an embedded computer, not using a personal computer for an application like this. So this brochure is the only evidence of this product left in our offices. We do have one of the original IntelliSystem still here, Something I’m saving someday for our museum. Take a look at this interesting Technology that we introduced back in 1992. Eventually, I was awarded a US Patent issued November 28, 1991.

 IntelliHost System Document

Intelli-Host Patent

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