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Is your Year End Approaching too fast and your inventory levels are too high?

For many Japanese based companies, March 31 is your Year End and home offices are pushing to reduce inventory levels. The urgency to move obsolete and Excess Inventories is up on the radar as always happens at the FY End! We have an unusual solution. The Compudigital 50-50 program can remove your excess inventory from your books and your warehouses in days. Instead of scrapping your excess products, why not consider another alternative while receiving substantial returns on your excess? Contact Jeff Hilliard at Compudigital today for more information! (916) 315-9800

Our Excess Inventory Sales Program called 50-50

Compudigital has been in the business of providing excess and obsolete inventory sales since about 1995. Though we focus on some other interesting areas as well, excess product sales continues to be one of our strengths. The secondary market has changed over the years and the frenzy that used to exist over these markets has subsided however, almost all excess inventory will sell at some price.

In 2001, Compudigital started a new marketing plan called the 50-50 program with a few major manufacturers. Under this program, as obsolete inventory starts stacking up, Compudigital will purchase all of your excess for a pre-determined price. The pricing is normally very low however, we instantly remove your inventory from your books and you ship it to our warehouse in Northern California. Then, we proceed to sell the products through the secondary markets. As the products sell through, we then return 50% of the revenue back to the manufacturer. This has 2 major advantages:

First, your inventory levels are instantly reduced and the materials are removed from your books. And secondly, we also offer a buy-back program to the manufacturer where we will provide specific products back to you in the case of a service need. For inventory that sells through quickly, or where there is a more continual need, we can hold inventory for that purpose. There are some details and processes that need to be established under this program but it is a great way to mange your excess inventory.

Please contact us at 916-315-9800 if you have any questions on how you can reduce your inventory levels under this amazing program!

Building Fly Around Tour

Here is an example of what is now possible using Fly Around 3D Tour technology. This building is a 3D model in virtual space and as you can see from this video, the resolution that is possible is amazing. We start from a full view of the building and zoom in during the Fly Around Tour so closely that you can actually see the rust on one of the legs of the tower! Imagine what you can do with respect to video training using this technology! Contact Jeff Hilliard at 916-205-2200 for more information!

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