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3D Modeling

Product fly around tours can really enhance your training and product introduction services and offerings. Recently, Compudigital began offering these services to major product manufacturers. A fly around tour has some very unique advantages over standard product tour videos.

First, using our fly-around technology we have the ability to highlight each and every feature of your product using different camera angles, lighting, and other amazing effects. Add VoiceOver audio and an untrained observer can become familiar with most products easily.

Next, consider the issues with translation! Many processes can be explained easily with no voice, and no written text. When attempting to show your product to a perspective buyer, consider the advantages of showing the process instead of explaining it.

One amazing thing to notice in this video is that we are doing all of this without any talking. Think of the possibilities in trying to demonstrate to somebody a process to install equipment, service equipment, or use equipment without the use of any talking. The use of this 3-D video production technology allows us to do this fairly easily. We simply create a model of your product, and then using an animated hand like you see in these videos, we can also show people how your product works.

Take a look at these videos as an example of what is possible. Be sure to turn up the sound so that you can hear the audio indicators that we use in this video instead of talking. These are simple indicators take tell people whether the step was correct or incorrect.

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