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Ham Radio

Jeff Hilliard was very active as a young ham on the HF bands, running nightly phone patches from Palmer Station, Antarctica to Davis, California from the researchers at UC Davis the their families. Along with other hams, Jeff developed one of the nations first HF remote base systems in Granite Bay, California. The HF remote base on the WA6IOK UHF repeater was pretty amazing for its time, giving mobile operators the ability to talk on any HF band using a TS440 transceiver and a Mosely TA36 antenna at about 100 feet. The entire system was remote controlled through the repeater using touchtones. The mobile operator could turn the beam, Change bands and frequencies, modes, transmit and recieve, all while driving down the road using their UHF mobile radio. It was a very fun system with literally thousands of HF contacts made through this unique system. The California State office of Emergency Services used this remote system for emergency communications for many years and considered the WA6IOK system one of the States primary State recognized repeaters.

In one case, a jammer was prosecuted and charged with a felony for interfering with the WA6IOK repeater which was recognized as a Part of the California State Emergency Communications network, a Federal offense. Many hams will continue to have some very fond memories of that system and the great times we had in the Glory days of ham radio.

These days, you will find Jeff on the HF bands using the mobile IC7000 and a great Tarheel antenna. He also hangs out on local repeaters in the Rocklin and Auburn, California areas including the 145.43 repeater in Auburn, California. Current equipment also includes a Henry 2KD5 amplifier for the HF Bands. Jeff’s new call sign is AK6OK.

QRZ.com Ham Radio Link for AK6OK



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