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Operation Worship

Operation Worship is a ministry that started here at Compudigital in late 2006. With the intent of sending about 25,000 Bibles to soldiers we originally set out to fill a need that we became aware of through a series of interesting circumstance. That vision to send the originally Bibles to the military all over the world has now expanded to over 640,000 bibles!

These Bibles are available to anybody in the military FREE of charge. Deployed only through Chaplains all over the world, the Operation Worship Bible is now distributed through most major bases in the United States and available at most US Bases in Afghanistan and other locations all over the world.

We do our best to have every one personally inscribed with a special message of encouragement from an American, a message that will encourage them where they are. For more information on operation worship please click on the link below which will take you directly to the operation worship website;

Operation Worship WEBsite

Bibles being deployed for Operation Worship

Operation Worship Bibles







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