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Our History

Compudigital Industries has had a rich past, starting in 1985.  Founded in Davis, California we started in the Genetics business as a research and development company. Compudigital is unusual from a perspective of business direction. As market directions have changed over the years, the direction of the company has changed as well. According to experts at the time, changing direction for a company as small as Compudigital was not a good idea. But as the economy has changed over the years as we look back over the history of Compudigital, it was amazingly important concept. Today, as many of the companies that advised us years ago have faltered in going out of business, Compudigital remains a strong company.

Brokerage Services – Compudigital Industries has been a worldwide broker for the secondary market specializing in electronic instruments, computer equipment, components, and related products. Under a contract basis, Compudigital has maintained large volumes of excess inventory, providing On-Line inventory control systems and secondary market sales. Our systems have been  set up to provide current pricing estimates along with history of pricing where available. We also have developed and use systems to comply with the Sarbanes Oxley laws. Today, Fortune 100 companies are the largest users of this system we call Meetcomp.

Fulfillment Services – Since we have stocked a large volume of excess component material in our warehouse from various manufacturers, it is easy for our staff to pull products and ship within a very short time. Normally, our staff can pull a product and have it shipped within 8 hours of notification.

Programming Services – Compudigital provides programming services in HTML and Cold Fusion for direct access to databases via the internet. We have developed iPad, iPhone, and Android applications for specialized needs.

Scrap Valuation and Brokering Services – Manufacturing companies end up with excess materials on a continual basis. One of Compudigital’s primary areas of expertise is to inventory, evaluate, and sell excess electronic material (normally leftover materials from manufacturing). This material includes components, finished products, consumer products, computers, and test & measurement equipment. Through our network of worldwide component brokers, we are able to provide real time estimates of the value of material by requesting bids. These bids normally are returned within days and can be evaluated to derive accurate current market values. I have been an expert witness in court cases, testifying to market values of electronic equipment and parts as a part of civil lawsuits.

Current Responsibilities include:

  • Contract Negotiation
  • Writing specifications for application development
  • Product design/Packaging
  • Material procurement
  • Test system design
  • Secondary Market Product Sales
  • WEBsite Development
  • Product Testing, Quality Control, Accounting Consulting
  • Pricing Database Updates and Maintenance
  • Management of employees

Products designed by Jeff Hilliard and provided by Compudigital Industries include:

Largest residential security computer in the Western States ‑ Compudigital Industries was responsible for the design of one of the largest and most comprehensive security systems ever produced. This system was installed by American District Telegraph (ADT) in San Jose, California. The design included networked dual National Semiconductor CIM computers which fully covered a 34,000 square foot home owned by an oil minister/attorney from Kuwait. This home required security on 175 openings and sensors including windows, doors, and motion detection devices. The entire system was developed under contract with ADT. Development was performed solely by Compudigital Industries.

Progenetor I & II – I designed this product in response to a request from a genetics engineering company in Davis, California. The Progenetor Genetic fusion system is marketed by Hoefer Scientific Instruments, San Francisco, California. This device is used to produce new and innovative types of plants and mammalian cells. The Progenetor line of products was developed completely under and is currently produced and serviced by Compudigital Industries.

DT‑8100 Digital speech processor ‑ A system used to provide a digital voice response to contact closures. Used mainly in motor home applications.

DPM‑1, DPM‑2, DPM‑2S –  Digital panel meters ‑ Used to indicate the current, or voltage of a power supply. Currently used by Hoefer Scientific in 2 of their power supplies, the DPM line of meters provides a low cost and high quality metering solution. Compudigital Industries currently manufactures 5,000 meters per year and over the past 10 years has supplied over 80,000 meters to OEM manufacturing companies.

Intelli‑Host SMS‑1000 and SMS‑4800 Restaurant management system – This system was developed to reduce many problems with seating in a restaurant environment. All rights to the Intelli‑Host product line have been assigned to Intelli‑Host Corporation. The first Intelli-Host system was installed in the San Francisco Hilton Hotel and an additional 5 systems at Euro Disneyland in Marne La Valle, France.

Night flying strobe system for model airplanes – Recently a strobe system was developed by Jeff Hilliard to provide a way to see a model airplane in distances greater than a mile away at night.

Accelerometer filters for Aerojet General Corporation ‑ These devices were produced by Compudigital on an extremely quick turn basis. As a result, Compudigital is now a flight tested and flight rated contractor for any aerospace company.

Waste Oil Tank Monitor – A product used to monitor waste oil in tanks used in the quick lube business. This monitoring system insures that oil spillage will remain at a minimum when the tank volumes get to a dangerous level.

Battery charge and monitoring system – Used for the proper charge level and battery maintenance in fighter jets for the military.

 Rocketwinner – Rocketwinner is an iPhone and iPad application that gathers critical marketing data from people attending a trade show, sporting event, or concert. The system was build and tested during a major concert in 2011 and proved to be an amazing tool that determines who is in your audience. A patent has been filed with the United States Patent Office for the Rocketwinner project and is currently under review. The project is estimated to be completed sometime on mid to late 2011 and will be released to the Apple App store after Beta testing.

MyRoadshows – MyRoadshows is a concept that came about over 1 ½ years ago and has been under development ever since. The actual product is currently in Beta testing and will be availalble for purchase on the Apple App store within 1-2 months. This application allows a presenter to upload Powerpoint or .PDF presentation to our clooud server in advance of your presentation date. The presenter can then bring up the APP on an iPhone or iPad, download the presentation he or she wishes to present from the cloud server using their mobile device. Particpants login through a standard WEB browser or using the application itself to view the same presentation. After login, the viewer can see all slide changes that are initiated by the presenter.

Video Production Services – many of the services that we have provided in the past are no longer required by some manufacturers so again, we have changed direction. About five years ago, compudigital began acquiring HD video equipment to produce training videos and other types of HD video productions. We have recently moved into the 3-D video production space, providing training videos in three-dimensional space. These 3-D movies allow us to build a replica of a product in three dimensions and place it in a virtual staging environment or another words, on a high resolution screen. Then, we can place virtual cameras anywhere within that 3-D space and create a movie from what that camera sees. The results are stunning. Seen some of our samples of this work under the technology tab and under the 3-D videos link.

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