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History – The 1st Table Seating Computer

Compudigital created the first Table Seating Computer in 1992 called the IntelliHost System. The Intelli-Host was first introduced through Hilton Hotels in San Francisco. In the first part of 1992,

History – Work in Genetics

The history of Compudigital is pretty amazing. Starting with our research and development efforts involving Genetics in the early 80s. Compudigital designed one of the first Genetic Fusion Systems called the Progenetor. Distributed by Hoefer Scientific Instruments in San Francisco, California, the Progenetor was an innovative and cutting edge product that allowed Researchers to perform Genetic Fusion on plant cells. For example, you could cross Watermelon and Tomato seeds to product a 3rd plant. This resultant plat had the characteristics of the two you started with. So by continuing to cross these plants, you could successfully cause plants to take on the characteristics of the plants you started with. This is how the seedless watermelon was created, using Tomato and Watermelon Genes. The Progenetor was the device of choice to make this happen!

Eventually, we were issued a patent from United States patent office for our part in this technology. US patent office patent number 4,882,281 was issued on November 21, 1989 and listed as a probe for electrofusion, electroporation, or like procedure. We also received an additional patent for this technology for a single probe for electric fusion as well.

Have you considered Training videos with no narration?

If you have a product that spans many nations, consider the production of training video content that has no voice to translate. Show them how!

Training Videos

Compudigital now provides training videos. Highlight your products and then train your users using High Quality video. Available in Standard Definition or High Definition, this process can easily enhance your training quickly and easily.

3D is the most amazing media format!

Check out some of the 3D content that we now produce here at Compudigital! We can take your product and produce a Fly Around Tour which gives your potential customers and up close and personal look at your product from the inside out. We create the models and produce the fly around tour!">Compudigital Industries