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Lets Take a quick Fly Around Tour!

The best of this Christmas Season to all of you! Here at Compudigital, we are thankful for everything we have, especially for life itself. It has been a great year for our company and this year, we celebrate 28 year in business. Check out the “Our History” Page to see some interesting details on the interesting paths that we have followed over the years.

This coming year (2014) promises to be a great year of amazing innovation for all of us here at Compudigital. We have recently added the ability to produce 3D video content to our offering of services, greatly enhancing our offerings. 3D Videos can be used to demonstrate a product or process like a Fly Around Tour. See some of the examples of recent work that we have completed under the “Sample 3D Video” Tab!

Just imagine the ability to not only show a product through still images, but also be able to fly someone right through it, showing the internal working parts and processes. 3D Rendering allows us to do just that! Take a look at the video below which was created from a 3D model of a theater. This Thrill Ride through the theater is a simple example of the capabilities that are now available as a part of Compudigital’s offerings:


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