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Jeff Hilliard, one of the owners of Compudigital is the inventor of various electronic products and 2 genetic related products. For more information, please refer to Google Patents under the following patent numbers:
U.S. Patent # 4, 695, 547 issued 9/22/1987 – Electro fusion Electrode – 

This was the original (first) patent  for a product created by Compudigital. This patent was issued for a triple ring electrode also used for electrofusion of genetic material. Electrofusion electrodes were used to create new strains of watermelon, tomato, and tobacco plants at that time. In recent years, you may have eaten a seedless watermelon. You may not know it but what you were actually eating when you even see this watermelon is a cross between watermelons and tomatoes. To make a seedless watermelon, we used the electrofusion electrodes along with a device called the progenitor tour which was also developed by Compudigital. Using these electrodes and the progenitor, We were able to take some of the characteristics from tomato plants and express them using electrofusion into a watermelon plant. The combination of tomato characteristics along with the watermelon characteristics is what you now see in the seedless watermelon. You will notice in most see this watermelons there are little white seeds instead of the black sees that you normally would see you watermelons in previous years. These white seeds came from the characteristics of the tomato plant. This was pretty amazing stuff back in the late 80s and today I am not totally convinced it was a great idea. With all the talk about genetically altered plants, there is certainly some controversy surrounding what we were doing. But as always, Compudigital has been on the leading edge of technology.

Electrofusion Patent #1 – 9/1987

U.S. Patent # 4, 882, 281 issued 11/21/1989 – Electro fusion Electrodeas a part of the work that Compudigital was involved with regarding genetics, Jeff Hilliard was awarded the US patent for the design of two different electrofusion electrodes that are used for genetic fusion. You can see a copy of one of these patents  by clicking on the following link:

Electrofusion Patent #2 – 11/1989

This particular patent involves using at electrode in a tray to perform genetic fusion on samples within the tray. The design you see under this patent is for a single ring electrode.

U.S. Patent # 5, 272, 474 issued 12/21/1993 – Restaurant Seating Management Computer – In about 1991, Compudigital was involved in design of the first restaurant seating management computer now used in thousands of restaurants worldwide. You can get a copy of this patent by clicking on the following link:

Restaurant Seating Management Computer – 12/1993

This restaurant seating management system was way ahead of its time, even proceeding the personal computer by a substantial amount of time. It required us to create a dedicated computer system, one where the circuit board and all of the circuitry was designed here in house Compudigital. Since then of course, the personal computer and Mac computer have revolutionized this concept. Had we had availability of these personal computers, and mobile devices at that time things would’ve been much different. Today there are many manufacturers that create restaurant seating management systems but as you can see from the content in the patent, There was nothing available at that time.

There is one additional patent that is currently being reviewed by the US patent and trademark office. More information about this patent will be revealed at a later time.

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