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About Us

What we do

  • We provide custom programming services for major companies to keep track of end of life products while remaining compliant with the Sarbanes Oxley law.
  • We are an HD video production company, providing HD video acquisition services, editing and HD Video equipment rental services.
  • Compudigital produces 3D Fly Around tours of your products and produce training videos that use 3D model technologies

Our Rich Company History

Compudigital Industries started as a Research and Development Company in Davis, California. We worked with a company called Calgene and plant genetics in the early days developing different ways to genetically alter vegetables. Compudigital provided many products including temperature control systems for temperature control rooms, Systems that would keep temperature within one half degree centigrade of the setpoint. Some of the technology that Compudigital was involved in was very much leading edge in those days.

The next big project the Compudigital created was the first computer-controlled restaurant seating management computer called the in IntelliHost system. This system when installed in a restaurant allowed the maître d’to use a computer to decide who sits at what table to make sure that everybody got a seat quickly and efficiently. We originally used to dedicated processor and circuitry designed by Compudigital to perform this task. The original system was installed in the San Francisco Hilton and tested thoroughly there. The second set of systems was installed in Euro Disneyland in Paris France in 1992 in an area of the park called Festival Disney. Eventually as personal computers grew this Technology was transferred to a PC platform in today still uses the PC platform under most designs. We received a United States patent for the work done on the system in 1991.

Just after the development of the IntelliHost host system, Compudigital was solicited by a major manufacturer to sell excess inventory. Selling excess inventory was not one of our strong suits at that time however, our company always works to provide services that companies need. We took on the project with gusto and it became one of our Company strong points from then on. We developed the first eBay type site for a major manufacturer in order to sell test and measurement equipment in the mid 90s. This manufacture was used to selling all of their excess inventory by the pallet through fax auctions. Compudigital was the first to automate this process using the Internet with this particular manufacturer and it was more than a success. Instead of using a fax machine to fax out the auction information, we provided not only a website, But a full backend database to control all sales and actually award products to bidders. At that time, Most people didn’t even have the e-mail. This relationship turned into a long-term relationship and we have been providing services to that company ever since.

In about 2005, Compudigital began working in video production. We were one exclusive B-Stock sales agents for Sony broadcast in Park Ridge New Jersey. We set up a video production studio here in California and provided video production services here for many years and still provide these services today. Another service that we recently added to our portfolio is the production of three-dimensional walkaround videos. These videos allow you to demonstrate a product by creating a virtual 3-D model, and then using virtual cameras, We can fly around those models or through them to demonstrate every function of your product and turn it into a video that you can post on the Internet. We will be demonstrating much of this technology in the very near future right here on our website. If you have a desire to have us take a look at your product for a potential video fly around two or please contact Jeff Hilliard at 916-315-9800.

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